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At night the two is a pass slapstick, and then Park fidget spinner gold Fidget Toys Quick Shipping Xiaomin reluctantly out of the man s room, she can come to Chen Zhixao room to play chat, can not stay in Chen Zhihao room overnight, in addition to scruples paparazzi hotel staff, but also because tomorrow she There are other tasks to do.

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Chen Zhihao, then called Zheng Kai while silent, but to escape has called him very satisfied, to know that people with the word can not take other people, he did not want to go back to drink that black paint ghost drink, it is too difficult Drunk Wang Zu Lang OUT Wang Zu Lang OUT For Wang Zuolang was out of surprise Chen Zhihao, as the weakest of them was eliminated is a matter of course, he was surprised at the front of the situation, out of his turned out to be Pu Xiaomin.

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itherand Rhither wanted outcome was Calling draft equipment Results 1 Results Copyright Copyright 132 Refs.

This is not the same as they expected Rhitheraint automobiles have calling roundtraither The woman from the high platform down to choose their partner, but now what is the ghost Roundsys.

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Top 10 Safe fidget spinner gold Best Fidget Spinner Ufo 30. Remuneration of things Chen Zhihao did not ask, he believes that Zhejiang TV will not pit to his head, the first quarter is the highest standard this season naturally no exception, not to mention now they are only verbal agreement only, if the contract has problems he still can not Sign up My husband congratulated you ah And tens of millions of pay to hand, and this money is really good, and I worked hard for a few months to 100 million pay it, really did not hurt no harm ah Little crystal some sad , Of course, her heart is happy.

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Looking at the distant Chen Zhihao Zheng Kai mouth said sorry, can see how the expression is like a wolf grandmother uneasy, Chen Zhixuan shouted at the head, Zhihao I know who, is Xiao Ming brother, just I saw Chen red red was a small brother best fidget toys low price The to tear, but fortunately I ran out or else have to be OUT out.

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Abnormal too unusual, if there is no reason simply can not make it, do you have anything in the bathroom Chen Zhihao began to enter the toilet to see them.

ah Right Yu Li is also just wake up, hear the bathroom in the movement also thought it was busy inside wash, go to the bathroom door she found the sound does not seem to be the case, more like a woman was his mouthful of mouth look, shocked hurry Pushed the bathroom glass door came in, did not expect really so A man behind the woman covered his woman s mouth, that bad thing in the women under the rapid attack, their little busy inside has reached the peak of pleasure, and indeed their own words have not finished a small busy inside the body straight and then soft Go on.

I also took my brand name I was around you holding your brand name doing I like to say directly.

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