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With the photo one by one to change Jessica too lazy to explain, even their own do not believe their own explanation, not to mention other people.

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There is nothing to answer this question, yesterday s news are reported, even he sent Xu Xian s diamond ring are exclusive coverage, which is completely without concealing.

With me, do not want to do anything stupid, and rest assured that I will not call Xiujing accident, you have to believe me.

It is great, no wonder today I see Xiaoxian face ruddy, full of energy, the original is the joy of every happy thing Saying that you want to ask when you want to drink Ohi Birthday party is a birthday party, this engagement wine can not save the province, but the sister who looked up and grew up, although not affinity to debut as a member of the girlhood, but this feeling is really untrue, that Dayton said nothing Can not save.

As if also ah Their own men to follow the past in order to work things, not to meet their parents, but how to say the other is a man father, their own empty hands in the past will not leave a bad impression on the other side ah Jessica was best fidget toy iron man Best Fidget Toys Regular 26 a little bit worried about the moment.

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Chapter 35 The end of fidget spinner store Buy Fidget Toys Other Shape the jungle U s words called everyone curious concern, indeed no one now understand Chen Zhihao solve the mentality of the case, the idea, the last SBS runningman served once a whole process of Chen Zhijao solution, the results can be imagined, ratings are called those TV series are Of the eye red.

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South Station, Chen Zhihao for the hands of the funds expressed dissatisfaction, has been muttering PD stingy, it touches the next Xu Xian said fairly satisfied, compared to the Korean program group of Chinese program group is very generous.

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Seeing the sky slowly dark down, Chen Zhihao know here in the middle and late weather that change on the change, it is imperative to immediately create a shelter can shelter thatched cottages, with the last time to see Jin Bing Wan building experience, soon a like Imitation of the thatched cottages in Chen Zhihao s hands to complete.

OMO How do you know inside Xiaoxian how could not know, because the house is to fidget spinner store Buy Fidget Toys Other Shape buy the OPPA ah He said that after the house as a studio and study, this house used to live.

MO Looked at me doing My face something Look at the man looking at his Jessica slightly stunned a moment, asked Road.

Chen Zhihao broke the news of the amount of information is too big, all the time a bit frown, still do not believe that this is actually a fact.

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