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If they did not remember the wrong angle has been married, but the attitude of Chen Zhihao attitude had to think of people, this is your chaos ah Really, very grateful.

Finally asked the number of Chen Zhihao Lu Hao the first time to call Chen Zhihao, they are preparing for the second quarter are almost at the end, as long as the confirmation of seven MC time they can start shooting.

Chen Zhihao some sweet words sent, and then continued how do you leave the director over there Well, the director gave me a day of the holiday, the afternoon shooting with the OPPA you can return to fidget toy classic Sale Fidget Toys Aluminum SH, the day after tomorrow morning appeared in the crew on it.

The two teams will be the angle Chen Zhihao Wang Zuolang Zheng Kai, while the other group of Athena Fan Binbin big black cattle Li Chen Deng Chao Chen Chi red, the two teams will confirm through the game real Athena. Thisis Cheap fidget spinner Fidget Spinner Yellow.

Buy fidget spinner Fidget Toy Cheap. They all know that Xu Xian worry about the right, although they are in the exchange of Korean, but who knows the outside of the waiter fidget spinner gold Buy Fidget Spinner X will not Korean, if just Korean and hear them speak, and so their relationship with the man on the exposure , Or go home and then bite it See Xu Xian a word to stabilize the two major goddess Chen Zhihao also compared to a thumb, and IU is also very admire for it, it really is to lead the girls on the right track of the small busy sister, a word to get two sisters The.

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The seventy eight chapters spring breeze proud of Park Xiaomin Two people back to the hotel is already after a little bit, this time the hotel lobby is also particularly quiet, Chen Zhihao and Park Hyun min returned to their house soon Chen Zhihao once again left the room to Park Xiaomin room.

Tara girls are very much looking forward, especially Park Hyo min Park Ji yan two women, they feel that if the South Korean government through the bill that their parents will be better than that of the parents, as Chen Zhihao parents they did not think it was the problem, at the beginning of their own six Sisters in their hearts is their daughter in law.

Hear the sound of small busy Song Qian is also very happy, this time she was busy with their own studio things, finally before the two things to get all the things, thinking a few sisters for a long time did not see the phone to try a small crystal in the Not in the SH, everyone came out to contact the feelings of gathering. Buy Fidget Cube Online fidget spinner Buy Fidget Toy Bronze.

And IU has been walking the line is pure youth, if this thing is determined to use that the image of her will be a fatal blow, so he must respond despite the false report on the Internet.


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This is not a small crystal polite, but she saw a few sisters, even if Xu Xian fidget spinner low price Sale Fidget Spinner Gold sister did not bring a man to send the diamond ring after thought, millions of dollars of diamond ring no one dared to carry every day, or more than ten thousand of this comparison Fashion affordable more applicable, and since it is engagement diamond ring small crystal feel every day at any time to carry better.

More than an hour after the crowd gathered to the next fidget spinner Sale Fidget Toy White task site, but fortunately this time they did not go into the water there is no ground.

If Chen Zhihao or single she naturally hope that the two can be together, after all, Pu Xiaomin temper is really good for them these staff are also polite, but the problem is only if the reality is that Chen Zhihao not only girlfriend also Engagement.

For the angle of the praise Chen Zhihao Joseph smile, to their own hands how ordinary people may hit him, unless someone next to prevent him to avoid, so play dodge ball he has absolute confidence, even if the area is not a lot to avoid there will not be any influences.

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With their own woman, he Chen Zhihao not partial to a woman, treat each other is the basic harmony of their family.

All the people listening to you from now on can not leave the restaurant, everyone downstairs to accept the inquiry and investigation of the column, we can only feel sorry for the impact. In Stock! fidget spinner Fidget Toy Black fidget spinner Sale Fidget Toy White On Sale.

After a brief break, the small crystal continues to shoot the task, until the four o clock to complete the shooting task, and everyone bowed thanks to follow the broker back to the hotel to find Chen Zhihao, finishing baggage once again to the airport by plane SH airport.

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