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Chapter 105 Park Ji yan went upstairs to sleep The occurrence of such an embarrassing thing Chen Zhihao naturally did not dare to enter the room, the fruit plate once again handed Li Guoli turned away, and Li Guoli also because the shy directly closed the door, back to the room looking at the big eyes Park Jianyan.

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Do not worry, when we passed, he also cried out of the hospital Do not like the injured person, a few days in the hospital can be discharged.

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On the other side, Chen Zhihao and Jin Xixiang stole out from the car, catch the alley opposite the road car to the Han River Bridge side movement, which is Chen Zhihao read the map after the speculation, if he failed after the attack can retreat route, and this Probability is the greatest.

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Lin Yuner this wishful thinking to fidget toy batman Best Fidget Toys Cheap play quite well, but unfortunately did not seem to accept the daughters, Cui Xiuying directly run out of We give you red envelopes do You and we are later joined, we give the red envelope is also busy, no you Of the copies.

Home to slightly Lin Yuner put the ritual of the whole person flew into the sofa, of course, her move to get Jintai Yan a hip shot.

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The doctor has not heard the disease room door was again opened, six or seven women came from outside, Lead a voice to interrupt the words of Chen Zhihao.

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Hear the voice of Kim Hee sun Park Shijie immediately ran from the side of the trail came to the two people concerned about looking at Chen Zhihao, and so see Chen Zhihao still soberly said Fortunately, okay, I thought you again hiccup fart It s just some scratches Big Discount fidget toy batman Sale Fidget Toys Spinner.

Chen Zhihao is certainly should be down.

Honest father Xu father Jin father also wanted to send people to protect Chen Zhihao, Xu father fidget spinners wholesale Fidget Toy Heart Shaped 24 can feel as Chen Zhihao s godfather father father is not the first to put forward, the idea is almost the same, even more than Xu father to send people in the past , Of course, this candidate is his baby daughter Kim Hee sun. Top fidget toy batman Best Fidget Spinner Regular 26.

Buy Fidget Cube Now! fidget toy batman Sale Fidget Spinner In Store. Kim Hee sun said Chen Zhihao turned around quickly, the next second a gust of wind blowing into the conference room, panting quickly We may know that the bomb is there.

C shook his head, for Chen Zhihao he was quite careful, before the confrontation they did not basically what to discuss the benefits, he did not believe that Chen Zhihao for this analysis no doubt, no just now through the telescope will not see him Frowned like the way.

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I have no opinion, ask the other sisters Pani first statement, anyway, she is weak to listen to everyone.

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