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Chapter eight four passion two people At 7 o clock in the evening, JYP and S.

Chapter VIII9 Love Saint qualification Jessica is surprised by the quietness of her sister, if there are a lot of outsiders here because she is introverted and quiet can understand, but here again and again No outsiders, should not be so quiet.

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Watching other people look the default expression, Jiang Hudong do not know this is called gold in the end of the Min who is the people, is it because the other is Harvard University double Dr.

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Little sun said fiercely, buy fidget toys led Best Fidget Toy Low Price his own entangled him, and fidget spinner low price Metal this life just like he consumed.

For the back of the discussion of the public Chen Zhihao did not respond, concentrate on driving, because at this time outside and floating no small snow, the traffic seemed a bit crowded, of course, co pilot seat Xu Xian from time to time to respond to one or two sentences.

Kim Tae yang a few girls to Xu mother sent to the ward, and my heart to think that the strong female field is big, she was in the ward did not dare to breathe the atmosphere, especially the Pu Long IU two women, but they know Xu mother is the piano school principals, the status is absolutely extraordinary.

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Oh, I now give you, OPPA you hurry Do not call the doctor they wait for a long time.

The idea of the public and Kim Tae yang, give their mother s natural better, even if the yuan is also possible, but give their gifts do not need to be so expensive, not worth when they usually do not wear bracelets Habits, bought it is also put jewelry box lying hibernation.

Xiaohui white still undifferent Feng Qi, very curious Why is so calm Qi Qi Qi.

Cheap fidget toy Fidget Toy Aluminum Alloy. 1 seconds 2 seconds 3 seconds, a small crystal quiet for several seconds after the rise looked firmly at Chen Zhihao, firmly said I said if OPPA you think I can, I like OPPA, I would like to do the same with your sister OPPA you The woman, OPPA would you like to accept me This time Chen Zhihao moment ignorant B, and he Yiyi days with the iceberg sisters together to suppress their own body, but this is only when the YY only want to, did not expect today even take the initiative to show their own small crystal heart, that their own how do He is a fiancee with Jessica OPPA You do not have to worry about big fidget toy Best Fidget Toy Brass Materials hair, she has agreed with me with you, so as long as OPPA you tell me like I do not like, willing to follow me you can.

Little sun s words have not finished, there is a girl behind, yeah No, it was a woman who interrupted her words, sisters, it seems very lively ah What is unprecedented ah Sika sister The girls turned around and found a familiar and a little strange face, all shouted.

If my guess is right, he should be shot by his associates, as to why he killed me now do not understand, when he can break the window to escape, or to lure me out by his associates shot, He can hide himself afterwards.

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