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That is necessary, ah, or how to call the national name of the detective Professor Chen ability to solve the absolute NO.

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Listen to the sound seems to be Professor Chen Zhihao I was right, is it really confession Because more and more people are more and more people began to move to the top of the tower, naturally heard the news came the first time to climb the top of the tower, but so they see Chen Zhihao many VJ after their laughter, subconsciously all that this Is the effect of the program, or that is caused by some kind of reaction.

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Chen Zhihao quickly opened the front of the woman, rushed into the kitchen mouthwash, such a big reaction to see Lin Yunzhen surprised a moment Leng Leng, girl and Krystal ten women began to wonder, and so fidget toy Buy Fidget Spinner Regular 26 see Lin Yun children before the food they understand , Lin Yun Er himself is suddenly realized, did not think he was careful and belly black one, no wonder the man action will be so big.

OPPA we are not forget what ah In the car, Xu Xian turned around the driver s seat asked.

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Yes yes, give you a couple the opportunity to show love, we must hold our dinner, fighting Cui Xiuying is also a cry.

Can not you say anything ahead of it I thought it was a big deal.

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